"Magician Harley Chapeau dazzles..."
-- Citizen Times, Asheville, NC -- July 25, 2009

"If there's a crowd around him, you know you've found Harley Chapeau."

-- Kidsville News, Knoxville, TN -- October 2012

"Harley Chapeau seems like part of the fabric of the square. [...An] ace at drawing attention to himself, which he does with time-worn precision.


He’s a practicing street magician and his art is all magic, though it isn’t all in the magic. It’s as much in the way he engages people, draws them in, makes them laugh and makes them stay through his show. [...] Little children seem to love him, and what parent can say, “no” to a child longing for a little magic? 


And it isn’t just the children: UT students, tourists and random downtown passersby seem to fall under his spell. [...] Once he locks their eyes, they cannot resist. [...] 


The man has a gift."

-- Inside of Knoxville, Knoxville, TN -- Feb 14, 2012

 "We were instantly curious and watched as he setup [sic] his folding table.  In minutes, he begins to gather the attention of those who walk the cold streets of NoDa. From the warmth of our table, we watch not only his magic but his gifted ability to draw people toward his act.  It was a chilly day but he made people forget they were cold.  [...]  The more we watch him, the more we realized he is good, very good. [...]

We had forgotten what we were talking about before we saw him.  Our full focus was on him and his magic, then it hit me, he had us drawn in too. 

-- 25 of the Best, Charlotte, NC -- Feb 18, 2013

"One of the funniest guys you could ever meet. [...] Harley's art is unique [and] it can speak to everyone."

-- The Daily Beacon, Knoxville, TN -- March 24, 2016